Terms of Service

Electronique Signature

By using the electronic signature feature of Ubstream, you expressly consent to the following conditions:


Ubstream allows users to sign documents themselves or request signatures from others via email. Signatories can review the document before applying an electronic signature. A « signatory » refers to the individual who creates an electronic signature.

Ubstream offers an advanced electronic signature that complies with the requirements outlined on the French government’s website, as it allows:

  • Identification of the signatory

  • Linking the signature to its author

  • Ensuring the integrity of the signed document


You accept full responsibility for the information provided during the electronic signature. All data must be accurate and truthful. Please note that once the signature process is complete, you are solely authorized to save the documents.


Ubstream’s electronic signature uses a secure authentication process to verify the identity of signatories responding to a signature request.

The requester decides the type of one-time password (OTP) validation the signatory must use (OTP via SMS or OTP via email). You consent to this electronic authentication process.


Electronically signed documents will be securely stored to ensure their integrity and cannot be modified after the signature.

Electronically signed documents and the event log related to the signature will be retained for a minimum period of 10 years and will be accessible upon request by the concerned parties.



You acknowledge that the electronic signature performed on Ubstream has legal equivalence to a handwritten signature. It can be used as evidence in transactions or contracts, in accordance with applicable laws.

In addition to the final version of the document, Ubstream retains a log of all events related to the signature. This event log cannot be modified to ensure greater transparency in the entire process.



All personal information provided during the electronic signature will be accessible and processed by authorized personnel.



The requester (or an administrator) has the right to delete the signature request. This action does not affect the legality of previous transactions or contracts.



The electronic signature services provided by Ubstream are regulated by French and European laws. They are notably compliant with the General Security Repository (RGS*) and European regulations on electronic identification and trusted services for electronic transactions (known as eIDAS).

Ubstream is willing to provide the electronically signed document and the event log if a court requires it (and if Ubstream retains this information), while disclaiming any liability if the document is non-compliant or deemed missing.



Parties will receive notifications via email or Ubstream regarding the confirmation of successful signature and any other relevant communication.